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UUPlus / Windows

It is also possible to have UUPlus run on a computer running Windows. There are a wide variety of Windows laptops available, some quite inexpensive and some quite a lot fancier. You do not need a very fancy laptop to run UUPlus.

LuckGrib is able to work with any Windows computer running UUPlus. To make this work, you need to:

These steps will be described in more detail.

Establish a WiFi network.

Please read the discussion regarding Travel Routers in the iOS UUPlus guide. A travel router can provide a network for LuckGrib and the Windows computer to share.

WiFi network - IP Addresses

The iOS UUPlus guide also described how to switch a Mac running a Windows virtual machine to a static IP address. This is useful, as then the IP address for the Mac will not change each time it reboots and connects to the network.

You will want to do something similar for your Windows computer. Static IP addresses are easer to work with in this scenario.

Use your favorite search engine to find a guide for how to do this with the version of Windows you are using. A search something like this should work:

A note on the Windows firewall

Note that if you are having a hard time getting LuckGrib to communicate with UUPlus, the problem may be related to the Windows firewall. See this article on how to configure the Windows firewall.

Configuring LuckGrib and UUPlus

For the remainder of this setup, follow either the iOS guide or the macOS guide, as appropriate. Look for, and follow the section: configure LuckGrib to use the UUPlus SMTP / POP3 interface.

When you are configuring UUPlus, you need to indicate that the Mail server is on a remote machine and then enter the IP address of the remote machine.