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Offshore / Purchase

LuckGrib has always used a simple pricing model: you only pay once. This is not a subscription where you pay again and again. Pay once and use as long as you want.

There is a 14 day free trial of the service available. Its recommended that before you start the Offshore Data free trial that you become familiar with the application. You may also want to have access to the offshore communications equipment that you plan to use so that you can perform some real world testing.

To start the free trial or purchase the product, open the In-App Purchase Store. On iOS this is accessed from the Library. On macOS, the in-app store is found in the LuckGrib menu. You’ll see a window that looks something like this:


Note for Racing sailors:

A short note for racing sailors. Note that you are not paying for data when you pay for the Offshore Data weather service in-app purchase. You are buying access to the Offshore system. This access is available to all sailors, world wide (i.e. it is freely available.) The author is not a racing sailor, but it appears that all of the data available in this service should be legal to use in a race… You may want to verify this for yourself.

Note for people who use iOS and macOS:

Note that pay once applies to LuckGrib on macOS or iOS. If you wish to use LuckGrib on both iOS and macOS, you need to pay separately for each platform.