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Details / Troubleshooting

This page is intended to provide a few things to consider if you are having a problem with the Iridium GO! or RedPort Optimizer.

Read the setup sections.

Please make sure you have read the setup sectionn for the device you have, either the Iridium GO or Optimizer.

Allow the device to properly startup.

Note that it may take longer than you expect for the GO or Optimizer to initialize itself after it is powered on. In particular, the GO may report that it is ready before it really is. (There is a note on this toward the end of the Iridium GO page.)

Ensure that the device is using the proper Wi-Fi network.

The GO and Optimizer create their own Wi-Fi hotspot. In order for LuckGrib to connect to the device, your iPhone or iPad must be connected to the proper Wi-Fi network.

Note that there are cases, if there is more than one network available, where the device will switch which Wi-Fi network it is using. If you see a connection failure, the first thing to check is if the proper Wi-Fi network is being used.

Verify the device settings.

Ensure that the app can communicate with the device by tapping the verify button in the device setup area.

This step does not open a connection through the satellite network, it simply tests that the application is able to communicate with the GO or Optimizer. If this fails, check the IP address being used for the device, along with the username and password.

iPhone / iPad privacy settings.

It appears that there may be a recent change in the privacy settings on iPhone and iPad that can affect LuckGrib’s communication with the satellite devices.

If you are seeing a message saying:

The network is unreachable

then you may need to adjust the privacy settings. To do this:

If you see LuckGrib in the list of applications, ensure that it has permission to access the local network. This is required in order for it to connect to the GO! or Optimizer.

Ensure that your satellite SIM card has data enabled.

The SIM card plugged into the satellite device enables or disables data connections. If a data connection is not being opened, please ensure that your SIM card allows this.

One app at a time.

If you have more than one application that can use your GO or Optimizer, note that only one application can use it at a time. For example, if you have an email app along with LuckGrib, ensure that the GO or Optimizer is not being used by another app when you connect to it.

There may be a slight delay after a different app disconnects from a GO or Optimizer before LuckGrib will be able to connect to it.

Offshore checklist.

Before leaving on an offshore passage, it is a good idea to review the Offshore Checklist.

Also, when returning from a passage, it is a good idea to review the checklist again. In particular, it is important to return the app to its high speed internet setting, which allows LuckGrib to perform some updating tasks.

Make sure you have paid.

I need to highlight a point made in the Offshore Checklist above: please ensure that you have paid for the app before heading offshore. If you are currently using one of the free trials, and that trial expires when you are away from shore, you will not be able to pay for the service while away from internet.

All in-app purchases are handled through the Apple App store, and to access the App Store you must have access to high speed internet.

Anything else?

If you are having a problem, and none of these items helps you to resolve the issue, please contact the author.

If you resolve a problem in a way that is not described here, please let me know, so that others can benefit from your experience.