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Email has been deprecated.

Note that LuckGrib initially supported downloading weather data via email.

Most sailors arrange to be able to send and receive emails while at sea. It was thought that by supporting weather downloads through email that a large group of sailors would appreciate and use that system.

However… in reality, almost nobody was using the email download service. It appears that the sailing community have moved onto direct downloads as their preferred way to obtain weather data.

Direct downloads are more reliable, faster, have better error recovery and are easier to configure and use than email.

When the email service was added to LuckGrib it introduced enormous complexity to the server cluster as well as the application. By deprecating this service, eventually all of this complexity will be removed, which will make supporting the LuckGrib weather service and application easier in the future.

With the low demand for email delivery of data, I can not justify the effort required to maintain it.

End of supported service.

The email service was first deprecated in early May, 2022. The service will remain available for a period of time.

There will be no further support in configuring the email system. If you are new to the system, please do not download via email. If you are currently using the system, you need to look for alternatives.