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Offshore / GRIB Export

The Offshore Compact weather service is a system, and one of the most important components of that system is the Offshore Data Compact file.

The Offshore Data file is not a GRIB file. LuckGrib is able to import the Offshore files and present them just as if they were GRIB files, but other software will not be able to read them.

Offshore racers typically use specialized (and expensive!) software to perform weather routing and route optimization. Sailors who want to download their data via the LuckGrib Offshore weather service and then read the data into other software are fully supported.

In order to create a file that is readable by other software, you first import the Offshore file into LuckGrib. Once the file is in the app, you can then export it and LuckGrib will convert it to an ordinary GRIB file (either GRIB-1 or GRIB-2, depending on what the original file was.)