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Restarting after a dropped connection

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Its not uncommon for you to start the download of a file over a slow internet connection only to have an error of some sort occur and for the internet connection to drop out. This is the real world after all and things do not always go perfectly. Satellites may pass beneath the horizon, there may be interference of some kind - this type of drop out should not be unexpected when accessing data remotely.

The faster you can complete your download the better the chances you will not encounter an error. An Offshore Compact file will be roughly half the size of an ordinary file, and so you are half as likely to encounter an error.

If you do encounter a download error, LuckGrib will save all of the data it has received for the GRIB request. When you next reconnect to download the data again, LuckGrib will inform the server that it has a partial download result, along with some information describing it. If the server agrees that the data retained is valid, the server will continue the download from where the error occurred rather than starting all over again.

This ability to restart after an error can save a considerable amount of time, money (if you are paying for data) and your patience - it can be very annoying waiting for old fashioned software to re-download data it already downloaded, over and over again.