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When you are traveling the world by boat, there are times when you will not have access to super high speed internet. Sigh. The sacrifices we make to live the life of freedom and exploration can be significant.

From time to time, you may be close to civilization, but far enough away such that the internet coverage you have is slow. In this case, it may be worthwhile using the Offshore Data service to speed up the downloads of files.

                                         v        _(    )
        _ ^ _                          v         (___|__)
       '_\V/ `
       ' oX`
          X                            v
          X             -Yipee!
          X                                           .
          X        \O/                                |\
          X.a##a.   M                                 |_\
       .aa########a.>>                              __|__
    .a################aa.                           \   /
                                                 s/v Luckness

For example, the picture above is of s/v Luckness while we were anchored off of a remote and beautiful island in the Vava’u region of Tonga. While there, we were able to receive a very weak 3G cell signal. The Offshore Data weather service would have been perfect in that situation.

The slow cellphone method is named Direct Internet. To select this option, open the application settings window. On macOS select the Download tab, on iOS select the Download method row. You will then see a window something like this:

If you have not already purchased the Offshore Data package for use with either a satellite device or some sort of email solution, then I would hesitate in recommending its purchase for this use. However, if you have access to the Offshore Data system, then you might as well use it in this circumstance!

Note: This data delivery method is also useful when you are testing the system using high speed internet. By turning on the Offshore Data system and then selecting the direct internet option, you will be using the apps Offshore Data features.